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Fountain of Youth / The Onset of Ageing

onset of ageing

Natural ageing of the skin starts from around the age of 25. Yet physical and environmental factors such as sun, wind, pollution and diet add more stress and slow down the cellular regeneration process, causing the skin to start losing its elasticity and vitality more rapidly. Understanding the factors that cause the onset of ageing are important in order to begin minimising the effects.

Inflammation: the underlying cause of premature ageing. Interferes with the degeneration of elasticity and the thickness of the skin, affecting the oil and moisture content

Loss of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate): the fundamental molecule that stores and transports energy, fuels cellular activity and transports oxygen. The loss of ATP results in the cellular regeneration cycle slowing down, weakening the skin

Glycation: the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres hardens glucogen and speeds up cutaneous ageing. The skin loses its density, tone and firmness resulting in wrinkles

Loss of lipids: diminishing fat cells and decreasing levels of gamma linoleic acid slow cellular regeneration, causing the skin to become delicate, translucent and thinner

Moisture loss: affected greatly by environmental factors such as changes in temperature and humidity. Superficial dehydration when untreated accelerates premature ageing and weakens the connective bonds between the dermis and epidermis.
As well as the natural ageing process, the skin also has to contend with an increasing number of environmental and lifestyle factors which include:

Oxidative stress: free radical damage results in the skin’s natural defence system becoming weakened

Sun damage (Photo Ageing): with prolonged sun damage, the skin loses its ability to repair itself which impairs the production of new collagen and elastin.

Diet: high sugar intake induces AGE (Advanced Glycation End) that damages our skin’s proteins and weakens its natural defences

Stress: induces premature ageing which increases fine lines and wrinkles. Causes internal inflammation leading to sensitivity, broken capillaries and dry, dull and devitalised skin

Smoking: de-oxygenates the skin, leading to a reduction in circulation and increase in premature ageing

Lack of sleep: affects the skin’s ability to repair itself and slows down the cellular regeneration cycle

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