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Fountain of Youth / Facial Workout

F.O.Y. Facial Workout

For Optimising Youthfulness

The skins natural aging process has been characterized on a microscopic level by reductions in total collagen content, elastin synthesis and hyaluronic acid content. There reductions are due, in part, to the skin cells losing the power to regenerate.

Decreases in these essential components further leads to decreased skin thickness, modifications of skin structure and the visible loss of skin firmness and elasticity.In addition, the muscles that sit underneath the skin provide it with support, and when those muscles become weak through disuse, they start to atrophy or waste away.

Once that happens, the skin can start to sag due to gravity and develop fine lines and wrinkles as a result of declining collagen levels.
Essential to life and skin health, the natural fountain of youth water/hydration, blood/nutrition and oxygen/stimulation are rejuvenated through F.O.Y. skincare formulas and facial workouts.

Precise massage exercise protocols boost skin and muscle fittness by conditioning all the skins essential functions and underlying muscles. Working the skin and muscles leads to increased blood circulation, oxygen flow and cell nourishment. This also strengthens skin’s natural firming resources of collagen and elastin empowering it to repair and restore its youthful appearance, volume and contours.

Flushing away toxins for a clear, vital complexion which will better absorb products applied, enhancing their results. Facial workout is an entirely natural method that provides the satisfaction of maintaining our appearance as best as we can by employing our body’s own resources.

F.O.Y. skincare formulas support the natural face lift by enhancing and prolonging the results of facial massages and exercising.

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